What's not included?
The domain name is always an extra and price depends on the domain name you require. Most names can be easily purchased for less than 20€ a year. We can purchase this for you and add it to your bill or you can purchase this yourself. We don’t include any stock photos which may need to be purchased for your site. These will be charged as extras. We don’t include any logo design in the price. We only include one language in the site, for multi language sites this will incur an extra charge. Price will depend on size of site.
How much is hosting after the first year?
After the first year hosting is charged at €50 a year for a small-medium size site. You can pay this yearly or every 2 years or every 3 years, which ever suits you best. You can also choose your own hosting but if you decide to use your own it is best to do so at the beginning as after one year if you choose another hosting then we will have to move your site which will incur an extra charge.
How long will my site take?
This really depends on the size of the site and how much information, photos etc you have ready. Normally we can have a site up and running within a month but again this depends on the workload we have at the time.
What do I need to do?
It’s very easy really. All you need to do is create some text that you would like to see on your website and put it in a word document. The easiest way is to use Dropbox where you can create a folder and include the word document, photos and logos and send the link to us. If you are not comfortable with this you can always use email but if you have a lot of photos then dropbox is the best solution and it’s free. Then while we are designing the site you can monitor the progress and email any changes or request.
So will we meet in person?
Not unless you really need to. To keep costs low our work is done online. This cuts out travel costs and allows us to give you a great website at a low price. We work from Mallorca where the sun shines and the beer is cheap. We are in Ireland a few times a year so any big projects that need meetings in person can be organised but generally a skype call and some emails are more than enough.
Will my site be found in google?
We are very proud to say that almost all our sites are on the first page of google, some even are number one in google. We have learnt all the tricks of search engine optimization and include this in your site at no extra cost. Let’s face it. What’s the point of having a website if no-one can find you. We want your website to be found not just for you but it’s good for our business too. So all you have to do is tell us how you want to be found. For example carpenter in wicklow, restaurant in palmanova, rock climbing center in mallorca, gluten free restaurant mallorca, etc
What if I am not happy with my site?
No problem. We are designers so if you don’t like what we are doing we can easily change it. You just have to tell us what you don’t like. You will be able to see what we are doing while it is still work in progress meaning things can be changed as we go along. We want you to be happy with your site so you need to be honest with us so that we can design the site exactly to your liking.
Can I change things on my own site?
We include a full contact management site so you can change things on your site as often as you like. We use themes that are very user friendly and if we find a theme that is too difficult to use then we move on and find another one. We will give you instructions on how to change things, upload photos etc. If you are having problems then just send us an email and we will walk you through it with easy to see screen shots and simple instructions. WordPress sites are very easy to use so once you get the hang of it you will be changing and updating your site all the time.
Can you up-date and maintain my site for me?
Of course you can. If you have a big site or just don’t have the time then we can work out an hourly or monthly or yearly figure depending on the workload you have. We can then keep your site up to date, add new products, news, info, photos, videos, facebook, tweets, blogs etc.