Project Date: September 02, 2013 Skills: Web Design, Wordpress, Responsive, Multi-Lingual

Txema Fernandez – Accountant Website

Txema Fernandez is an accountant website based in Palma de Mallorca and trading under the Contabiliza punto es.

This website was designed under the accountant’s name as he felt that a lot of people know him more by his name than his company. By having a website designed under his name means that when people google his name they will find what they are looking for. This could come from recommendations or people who are simply looking for more information about this accountant and what services he provides.

Social media has been added to the site in the form of a Facebook like box where people can like page directly as well as Twitter and Linkedin.

Txema Fernandez – What’s included

WordPress site, slideshow, responsive (smartphone and tablet friendly), Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, SEO, Pricing Tables, Contact forms…

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