Multi-Lingual Websites

If you need a website in more than one language then  Wicklow Design – Web Design and Social Media Management can help. If we are designing your site for you we will ask you this at the start and will create the site to be multi-lingual automatically. This is an extra and will depend on how many languages you require. We don’t translate the front end site for you. For example we don’t translate your texts and your images. What we do is use the translated text and images that you give us to add to the site. We make sure all strings (button, texts etc) that are visible on the site are translated to the required language and we make sure that all SEO, search engine optimization is also translated and added to the site meaning the site will be easier to find and rank higher for that specific country or language.

Adding multi-lingual sites is easy. We can provide you with all the text that you will need for translation and once complete we will add this to your site. We will then show you how to use the backend in case you one day need to change or modify any of this text. You will have one backend, one login no matter how many languages you have so keeping your site up-to-date in all those languages is made as easy as possible.

If however you do not have anyone to translate for you we can provide you with a pricing based on the texts you have from a third party company.

Extra languages start from €150 per language based on an average sized website.

For those that already have a website and would like to add multi-lingual to their site then please fill out the form below or send us an email at so we can create a price plan for you. You can contact us at

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