Social Media

At Wicklow Design – Web Design and Social Media Management we take over your social media account and keep it social so you don’t have to. A lot of business simply don’t have the time to keep their companies social media up-to-date. Events, promotions, news are all things that should be shared on a regular basis. This is practically free advertising and getting the word out and reaching lots of people is so important. This not only promotes your business but keeps your name out there, keeps your company fresh in the minds of others in a world where competition is pretty full on.

Wicklow Design can manage all this for you.

How does it work?

It’s simple really. If you haven’t already got one then we can create your Facebook and Twitter page. If you do have an account already then we will need login permissions. Then depending on your business we will have a chat about what Facebook and Twitter can do for you and what exactly you should be posting and tweeting. We can then create these tweets and posts or these can be emailed to us, offers, promotions, new menus, events etc.

Prices are worked out and based on the amount of time you might want dedicated to social media. This will be different for every business. For a quote fill in the contact form below letting us know what your business is and what you have in mind for you social media project. Or send us an email at

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