Website Consultation

Do you have a website that is just not doing what it should do? Are you unhappy with your sites performance? At Wicklow Design – Web Design and Social Media Management we can offer you a consulting service. We will study your site and find all it’s weaknesses and deliver to you a detailed report of what can be done, what should be done and what need’s to be done. Sometimes this is only small pointers to improve SEO, sometimes it could mean a complete re-design. By using our consulting service we can advise you on what should be done before you start to pay out huge sums of money. Then when we create a price plan based on what you site needs and you can decide to either go for it or not, no questions asked. Consulting services start from as little as €150 for an average sized site. Bigger websites will need to have a quote based on their site and number of pages and how it is designed etc.

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